Decorating Stationary with Styklets

I’m starting grad school in about a month, and I’ve been decorating a few notebooks with our  (but of course!) in preparation. I have to confess I’m a bit nervous, given that it’s been several years since I was last in school, when I was in school it was art school (which this most definitely is not), and  I’m doing the first semester remote, but I feel like there’s something universally soothing about school supplies. It’s also been a fun way to get in the school spirit from 3000 miles away.

 Anyways, I thought I’d share my decorating method. It’s not particularly innovative, but I still managed to run into some issues that I thought might be helpful to share.

First I ordered some plain notebooks off of Amazon. I got both spiral notebooks, as well as some small travel-style journals  thinking those would be good for the various short prep courses I’ve signed up for. Starting with the larger 5” by 7” spiral notebook, I opted to make a 3x4 grid with our 1” Square Styklets. I took 4 grey Cosmati Tile 3D and 8 gold Patchwork 3D stickers, arranging them to make a pixelated “A” (for Alex, very original I know).

A blank notebook with square 3D texture stickers from Styklet on a wood background.

I loved the result! Though our square Styklets are textured, they’re flat and rigid enough, as was the cover, that they didn’t interfere at all with writing. The texture and colors of the stickers also just seemed to really elevate the notebook in a lovely, official-feeling way.

A spiral notebook with a gold and grey letter A made with stickers.
I actually wrote the first draft for this post in this notebook!

Thus pleased, I decided I’d make an   when I quickly realized that the 3x4 grid wasn’t going to work:

Various arrangements of gold and coral square 3D stickers from Styklet.

I also felt that expanding the grid wasn’t going to work very well on the size of the cover, and that it’d look a bit too awkward. So, instead, I made him an F:

I figured it was probably a sign. Not only does Eric’s last name start with an F, but one thing you may not know is Eric is part of the band  , which recently released their album, Love Song Generation! You should absolutely go check it out.

 The album art for Fictional Colors Love Song Generation
F is for Fictional Colors!

Realizing that letters definitely weren’t going to work on the smaller notebooks, I went with a two-texture simple 6-sticker pattern.

Notebooks with Textures from Styklet

You can get the 3D stickers from our shop to make your own, or you can actually order these notebooks pre-assembled by us on our Etsy store! There, you can customize which two textures you want on the notebook cover.

Next up: Eric and I are working on half-size square Styklets, so it’ll be easier to create more intricate mosaic patterns without taking up a huge amount of space. Let us know if there’s a design you’d particularly like to see!

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