Floral Styklet Fantasy: Behind Each Sticker

This week, we’ve released a fresh batch of flower Styklets, heralding the start of May. We also have a giveaway going on right now, and you can claim your free sticker here. I know I know—Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking! Nonetheless, flowers are a quintessential form of decoration, whether found in the form of bright, fresh flowers in a Mother’s Day arrangement, represented on clothing, notebooks, furniture, jewelry… literally anything and everything.

Mother's Day Bouquet

My brother and I thought it would be funny to add a card saying, “Happy Birthday, John and Rick” to our mom’s Mother’s Day bouquet last year. Unfortunately we didn’t realize she would try to return them, thinking they were sent to the wrong address, but luckily the florist stood their ground and fulfilled the delivery nonetheless.

Though the floral pattern on a kitchen towel may just be about color and pattern, flowers can carry a depth of meaning, whether that meaning is a broad cultural one (such as the use of marigolds to celebrate the Day of the Dead, or the Victorian’s use of the Language of Flowers to send compliments and insults).

In my past life I received a lot of requests to make my designs “more industrial,” which I gradually came  to realize was a euphemism for less feminine as the parts would function the same either away. In a world where it seems “normal” usually  means masculine, covering things in conventionally “feminine” adornments is one of my favorite activities. That’s where these stickers come into play! In designing this first batch of springtime stickers, I picked my five favorite flowers of the moment: the camellia, the daffodil, the windflower, the cosmos, and the star magnolia.


Also known as Anemones, windflowers are a group of perennial Spring-to-Fall flowers that come in a wide variety of colors. I have to confess, however, that I’ve encountered them more in Animal Crossing: New Horizons than in the flesh. Given that I’ve been spending more time playing on my Switch than outside, the virtual windflower is definitely the flower I’ve been seeing the most lately.

I’m also just a far better Animal Crossing gardener than real one. In the game, I’ve successfully organized and cross-bred my windflowers to get rare colors, such as the blue one pictured below, while my porch-based vegetable garden has run amok.

A side by side comparison.



Cosmos grow into tall, delicate plants with colorful summer blooms. A relatively easy flower to plant, Cosmos were one of my favorite flowers as a kid because of their bright pink coloring and bold, simple shape. I also just recently picked up some Cosmos seeds in Animal Crossing (I picked up some seeds from the sloth Leif when he visited on Earth Day), so I’m currently working on propagating those on my island as well.

A cosmopolitan “deserted island.”



Daffodils come from easy to grow bulbs that come back year after year. Unpopular with squirrels, they can not only resist being eaten, but they propagate like crazy. My mom had ridiculous success with daffodils in our childhood home, so daffodils were not only all over the yard, but all over the house as we’d arrange them in vases. There’s something so cheerful about their color and trumpeted shape.

Star Magnolias

Star magnolias bloom from their trees in the early spring. Back when I lived in Rhode Island, my favorite part of the season was taking in the fragrance of all of the gorgeous magnolia trees on College Hill.. In California the shift into spring is just a subtle progression from warm to hot, and I’ve realized I just don’t notice the arrival of flowers in the same way. I’ve spent a solid amount of time in pursuit of the ideal magnolia perfume (Jo Malone has a lovely star magnolia scent, though it’s not exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I’ve tried a few that were truly awful). I’d really love to make scented stickers in the future, but alas for now these stickers just possess a bit of the star magnolia’s formal beauty.

I couldn’t find a photo of the magnolias I was thinking of in my archives, but found this lovely photo of an April in Providence.



Camellias can bloom through winter and spring, growing on evergreen shrubs. In hindsight I really abused the camellia in my childhood yard. It was a magnificent plant, with enormous, red flowers, but I would just draw on the dark green leaves with Sharpie and admire how my designs, burned in by the sun, would last for weeks. The camellia was also the favorite flower of Coco Chanel (my department store meanderings in search of the perfect magnolia perfume have led me to the Chanel counter a few too many times), and it’s a recurring motif on all the brand’s products and packaging, tacked on in 3D form. Everything is really better with a flower, isn’t it?

Buying Camellia Shrubs from Leif on Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Apparently there are camellias in Animal Crossing, too—just they’re shrubs.


These are just the first five flowers, and there will be more to come. Let us know if there’s a particular flower you’d like to see—we’d love to hear your ideas and stories! Also, be sure to check out our current sticker giveaway. Check out this link to claim yours!

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