Digital Freebies

Bring your love of Styklets into your virtual self-expression with our free digital offerings! 

Styklet Stickers for use with iMessage

Bring your favorite Styklets into the virtual world with the Styklet Sticker pack!

This sticker pack is for use with iMessage. Use this to add some bling to your conversations. Send them individually or tile them together, just like you can do in real life.

This free sticker pack includes 27 stickers based on real Styklet products. If there’s a Styklet you’d like to see that isn’t included, just reach out and let us know! We welcome your feedback.

iMessage is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Styklet QR Codes for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Scan the QR codes below into your Nook Link App to bring Styklets into your Animal Crossing designs!

Styklets in Animal Crossing

Grey Cosmati Tile Styklet

Find the original Styklet here.

Pink Sea Urchin Styklet

Find the original Styklet here.

Sea Urchin Styklet in Animal Crossing


Turquoise Number 1 Ribbon Styklet

Find the original Styklet here.

Number 1 Ribbon Styklet next to Tex's house in Animal Crossing

Turquoise Cosmos Styklet

Find the original Styklet here.

Pink Camellia Styklet

Find the original Styklet here.

Coral Windflower Styklet

Find the original Styklet here.

Coral Windflower QR Code for ACNH

Turquoise Tapestry Texture Styklet

Find the original Styklet here.

Tapestry Texture Tile Styklet for Animal Crossing

Tapestry Tile Styklet in Animal Crossing

Coral Tapestry Texture Styklet

Find the original Styklet here.