Need ideas for how to use your Styklets?
Flower 3D stickers from Styklet on a cardboard box, with a copper lamp and decorative crab pillow.
Upcycle small, sturdy cardboard boxes into identifiable small storage containers with 3D stickers from the Floral Fantasy collection.
Customized travel journals from Styklet on a pink pillow, with a cactus.
Personalize a travel journal with tile-able texture squares from our Squares Collection, or order a pre-assembled, customized journal from our Etsy shop.
A notebook with various 3D  stickers from Styklet, on a black cutting mat with pens.
Or customize a spiral notebook with a unique assortment of 3D stickers meaningful to you, such as from our States Collection or Tiki Time Collection.
Clear plastic box decorated with textured 3D stickers from Styklet
Differentiate your small storage containers with tileable texture stickers from our Squares Collection