A set of four Tapestry 3D sticker in gold, gray, coral, and turquoise.
A gray Tapestry 3D sticker by Styklet.
A turquoise Tapestry 3D sticker by Styklet.
A coral Tapestry 3D sticker by Styklet.
A gold Tapestry 3D sticker by Styklet.
A set of gold, coral and turquoise tapestry tiles adorning a router and another object.

Tapestry Texture Tiles

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Don't tapes-try, tapes-do!

Bring the textures of tapestry weavings to your decorative projects with these tileable Styklets!

Sticker Specifications:

  • The mixed colors 5-pack includes one 3D sticker of each color, as well as an extra of a random color. The mixed colors 10-pack has two of each color, and two additional random colors. 

  • Designed and 3D printed in California, USA

  • Each sticker measures 1" by 1"

  • Strong, 300LSE adhesive bonds robustly to most materials

  • Made of PLA plastic, a durable material that is both made from renewable resources and is industrially compostable